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Definitions of Tungsten

Pronunciation : Tung"sten n.
Etymology : [Sw. tungsten (cf. Dan. tungsteen, G. tungstein); tung heavy (akin to Dan. tung, Icel. ├żungr) + sten stone. See Stone.]
Definition : 1. (Chem.)

Defn: A rare element of the chromium group found in certain minerals, as wolfram and scheelite, and isolated as a heavy steel-gray metal which is very hard and infusible. It has both acid and basic properties. When alloyed in small quantities with steel, it greatly increases its hardness. Symbol W (Wolframium). Atomic weight, 183.6. Specific gravity, 18.

2 (Min.)

Defn: Scheelite, or calcium tungstate. [Obs.] Tungsten ocher, or Tungstic ocher (Min.), tungstate.
Source : Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, 1913


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